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In-store Computer Repair/Upgrade Rates:

Minimum Diagnostic Fee 35.00
Software Installation/Services:
PC Tune-up - Basic (clean system, temp files, startup, scandisk/defrag, etc...) 50.00
Extended (basic + virus/spyware scans and removal) 75.00
Virus/Spyware scans/removal (if format/reload is not necessary) 50.00
Anti-Virus install/setup 35.00
Anti-Spyware install/setup 25.00
Firewall install/setup 30.00
Internet Security Install/Setup 35.00
Single-title Software Install (Customer provides software) 25.00/title
Drivers installed/setup 35.00
Format Hard drive and Install/reinstall Operating System
**NOTE: An Operating System reinstall does NOT include updates from Microsoft. It does, however, include reinstallation of all device drivers and some basic 3rd party software
Operating System Repair/Upgrade 55.00**
**This includes installing all device drivers and testing components Customer is responsible for reloading 3rd party software and additional peripheral drivers.
Data Transfer/Backup 25.00 minimum*
*This is only applicable in the event that other services (e.g. format/reload OS) are not included. The total price of this service depends on the time and extent of labor involved in obtaining data from hard drive.
Data Backup with format/reload of OS 25.00/1st CD
10.00 ea. Additional
Hardware Installation/Services: ***
Power Supply 35.00
Memory, Modem/Network/Sound/Video Card 35.00
Hard Drive/CD-ROM/CDRW/DVD-ROM Drive 35.00
Motherboard, CPU 35.00
Scanner, Printer, other peripherals 35.00
***All hardware installation includes driver installation (where applicable) and testing and/or configuration of components.
Price does not include the cost of hardware, which varies, depending on your PC configuration.